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Encounter with Hell Available for Pre-Order

Click on Llewellyn Publications to pre-order my book Encounter with Hell.

“The events in this story are true, but the names and locations have been changed to protect the reader.  Alexis is a psychic who never believed in demons until she came face to face with pure evil.  This is her true story of battling a terrifying entity that was so powerful it turned her life upside down and put her in mortal danger . . .

Her nightmare begins shortly after she and her husband relocate to a small lakeside community.  After hearing rumors about the nearby Matthews residence, Alexis investigates the nineteenth century house and its spirit inhabitants. She soon finds herself caught in a demon’s snare of violent fury—subjecting her to deep growls, a malevolent force attacking her in bed, and phantom apparitions, ultimately leading to a horrific spiritual battle with a demon hell-bent on her destruction.”