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The Definition of Demons

The word demon was originated from the Greek term “daimon” which means spirit or divine power and full of wisdom.  They can assume human shape and were reported to visit humans while they slept.

Demons are usually associated with evil, but pre-Christian and non-Christian cultures state that they are not necessarily good or evil.  There are good demons and bad demons, and there are those that are both good and bad. Good demons were called eudemons and acted as guardian spirits to guide and protect humans.  They were considered lucky to have.  Evil demons, that would lead a human astray, were called cacodemons. Christian demonology has come to associate demons with evil since they are the agents of the devil, and the good spirits belong in the ranks of angels of the Lord.

Demonology is the study and classification of demons.  The earliest cataloguing and ranking of demons has been documented since A.D. 100-400.  The 16th & 17th century Christian demonologists catalogued demons into hierarchies of hell. They recognized demon characteristics and duties, including ambassadorships to different nations.   Johann Weyer devised a complex hierarchy of demons in 1577 with an estimated 7,405,926 demons and 72 princes. 

According to the Bible, when Lucifer was cast out of heaven by God, demons were the fallen angels who followed him.  The demons only purpose was to tempt humans into wicked acts and estrange their relationships with God.

Amon, the demon who terrified me, is one of those demons.


Encounter with Hell Available for Pre-Order

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“The events in this story are true, but the names and locations have been changed to protect the reader.  Alexis is a psychic who never believed in demons until she came face to face with pure evil.  This is her true story of battling a terrifying entity that was so powerful it turned her life upside down and put her in mortal danger . . .

Her nightmare begins shortly after she and her husband relocate to a small lakeside community.  After hearing rumors about the nearby Matthews residence, Alexis investigates the nineteenth century house and its spirit inhabitants. She soon finds herself caught in a demon’s snare of violent fury—subjecting her to deep growls, a malevolent force attacking her in bed, and phantom apparitions, ultimately leading to a horrific spiritual battle with a demon hell-bent on her destruction.”

About Alexis McQuillan

My name is Alexis McQuillan, and I currently reside in a small town in the Pacific Northwest with my husband.  I am not your typical mom, as my grown children will tell you.  I am a paranormal consultant, researcher, and author, and I have been actively involved with ghost hunting since college; which was approximately twenty years ago.

Some people call me a psychic, medium, “spirit walker,” or a sensitive.  Whatever it may be, my brain is able to interpret the energy around me differently than the average person.  Sometimes, this energy appears as a vapor taking human form, other times I hear sounds, voices and see pictures that ghosts are trying to communicate to me.  My most recent, and unfortunate, interpretation of energy came to me in the form of a demon.

I struggled to write Encounter with Hell.  Mainly, it was because I did not want to relive those experiences.  However, the more I worked on this book an opportunity presented itself to me; an opportunity to warn others who may unknowingly (or willingly) release pure evil into our world.  Take heed in the warnings I have laid out for you.  Demons lurk in the shadows just waiting for an opportunity to come into your life!

The Demon in My Dream

The demon came to me in a dream.  It was so surreal that I thought I was awake when in fact I was asleep.

I was lying in bed with my back turned to my husband.  He rolled over to his side and hugged me.  I had thought that he was sound asleep and felt that it was odd of him to spoon me in the middle of the night.  When I rolled over I discovered that the love of my life was indeed awake.  I smiled at him and asked him what he was doing up so late.

Only, he wasn’t my husband.

When he smiled back at me, his grin continued beyond its normal limits and stretched into something inhuman.  As I continued to watch, I saw Amon’s face appear over my husband’s.  His snout-like nose protruded the once handsome features, and his face completely morphed into the demon I had become so familiar with.  Then, it would disappear and my husband would return.  He did not stay that way for very long.  It was as if the demon and my husband were one.  And they were caught in an everlasting shape shifting time-loop.

Amon knows that my family is my greatest weakness, and he preys on this to gain control over me.  He began to speak to me in an unearthly low growl.

“I know your father.  His name is Ralph,” he said.

“My father is George,” I shook my head and began to tremble.  I needed to gain control of my fear and I wasn’t going to allow this demon to beat me down.

“Your real father is Ralph,” he said as he leaned in closer to me.

“NO!”  I shouted, “My REAL father is George!”

I must have found the courage and strength to stand against him, because at that moment I bolted awake with sweat pouring down my cheeks.  I felt the pressure and heat release from my body, and I caught a slight odor of rotten eggs and sulfur as he left my room.

It was not the first time that this demon had visited me in a dream, and I imagine it will not be the last.